LOA 278 feet (85m)
Beam39 feet (12m)
Speed 28 kn

The Xhibitionist is an intelligently designed and finely tuned instrument that was made, quite simply, to turn heads. More than that, it poses a serious option for investors when comparing to the real estate market in terms of Dollars per square foot and as a key feature in a business model literally represents a floating, working asset. The size alone of the solar panels gives some indication of just how efficient the Xhibitionist can be (and how quietly it can glide into a marina). They also go to provide free energy for the final piece de resistance when talking eye candy..the nighttime illumination. As though the Xhibitionist weren’t spectacular enough, and as you can see from the images below, evening lighting by OceanLED have ensured that it marks its territory and keeps it long after the sun has set.

Jan 2013

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