Max Power 630 @ 6400rpm
Max Torque600 @ 5400rpm
Max Speed150 kph
0-60 mph (seconds)4.2

There are few icons in the automotive world whose lines and shapes stand the test of time like the Saab 92001. It is the simplicity of these perfectly proportioned curves whose elementary geometry and unbroken lines create a body that is at once instantly recognisable and desirable. The Saab 93 Mark III is merely an attempt to take these basic lines and grow them into a larger hatchback model, while at the same time incorporating design aspects from past design language and harmoniously blending them into a modern classic.
Design staples of the Saab DNA, such as the ‘hockey stick’ window trim, and the horizontal chrome trim through the grill, are joined by more recent features, such as the familiar frontal intakes, horizontal brake light configuration and side vent, introduced on the short-lived, next generation 95 model. Also present is the classic spoiler that harkens back to Saabs memorable racing accomplishments, although the single exhaust pipe is a new addition.
Elementary geometry and unbroken lines create a body that is at once instantly recognisable and desirable.Accompanying these features are elements that have been reintroduced to the design from the iconic models of the past. We see a return of the pointed hood lines and the horizontal grill of the original 92001. The single curve from nose to tail of the car and the characteristic rounded back window have also been implemented to tie the design to it’s roots. Perhaps most notably is the aerofoil shape of the body which utilises the same simplistic curve to define the volume of the body as the original. In every way, the 93 Mark III has been inspired and referenced from the models that made Saab the beloved brand that it is today and it is our great pleasure to share these designs with the fans and creatives that gave life to this cherished brand.

Jan 2013

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