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Gray Design wins the MYDA award in Italy with the Hydrafoil design.

Vargön, Sweden – On Saturday, 7th April, it was announced that Gray Design had wont the 2018 MYDA award for their concept 'Hydrafoil'

Follow the link below for the official listing on the MYDA website:

MYDA 2018 Winners announcement


Vargön, Sweden

Three new matching concepts for the discerning connoisseur.



Forged in the depths of innovation, from a blend of technology, style and speed, comes the Hydrafoil, a luxurious, high speed electric hydrofoil created to usher in a new era in seafaring.

This instant icon has been designed to be at the peak of marine technology with a steerable front foil, allowing three degrees of freedom that can make adjustments 32 times per second for the ultimate amount of control at high speed.

The design features sleek automotive styling both on the exterior and on the interior with full wrap-around limousine seats, multiple infotainment displays and even bespoke baggage for longer adventures.

The pilot house features an unbroken, state-of-the-art, 30 inch curved display screen from Yacht Defined. This provides a huge display surface that collects all the essential information from the yacht presented with beautiful graphics with a simple jog wheel control system to make it easy to navigate the information even at high speeds.

The drivetrain is a single 100hp electric motor running on a series of lithium ion batteries. Once the foil has lifted the yacht clear of the water, it can go on to reach a stable top speed of 40 knots. The low resistance made possible by the foil means that the yacht has a range of 45 miles on a single charge. Twin 50 amp charging cables allow it to be fully recharged within 5 hours.

The entire hull is constructed from a combination of carbon fiber and kevlar composite to give a high strength, lightweight construction that can withstand the rigours required for high speed performance.


  • Overall length 9.5m
  • Beam 4.2m
  • Draught 1.6m
  • Displacement 3,200kg
  • Cruising speed 20 mph
  • Fast cruising 38-46 mph
  • Range (cruising speed) 45 miles


A ‘Woody’ for tomorrow, because legends should not be forgotten, nor ignored. The very nature of woodgrain makes it the perfect compliment for individualized luxurious automotive creations, reminding us of the bespoke coachbuilding masters of the past.

The Hydra concept is not only special because of its choice of exclusive natural materials but because of the company that it keeps. It makes up a third of the Hydra Collection from Gray Design, a trio of exclusive matching vehicles, designed to appeal to the obsessive compulsive tendencies of the world's leading vehicle collectors. Alongside it in the collection are the Hydrafoil, a high speed, open top hydrofoil, and the Hydros, an electric cruising motorcycle with matching wooden trim and automotive styling.

As the car is developed in Trollhättan, the powertrain will be based on the new NEVS electrical drive system which will be tuned to develop 450 hp through in-wheel electric motors and allow the Hydra to reach a limited top speed of 215 kph.


Currently in build, the Hydros is a venture by Gray Design into the world of electrically powered motorcycles. A medium sized in-house project, we are moving towards registering and testing the Hydros on the open roads shortly with the design intent as illustrated below. The current prototype uses a powertrain from ZERO motorcycles, and once testing is completed, we will be moving onto a custom built powertrain tailored to our requirements.

The design incorporates a premium audio sound system with a subwoofer and midrange speakers built into the body.


Airox concept released with short film.

Vargön, Sweden – Airox was developed on the news that SAAB AB would once again venture into the automotive market with their advanced AI technology developed for the aerospace industry.

The design is an exploration of how this new chapter in SAAB's long history could be embodied in a self aware, fun loving car design that ties in elements of SAAB's automotive design language together with the design elements of it's fighter jets.

The face of the car wears the grin of the modern SAAB design language while the sides gape with the fighter jet air intakes that feed air through the car to cool the high performance batteries and optimize airflow through the body of the car. These aerodynamic themes are also present at the front of the car where air flows past intakes next to the lights and is deflected via air rams to change the downforce at the front of the car through different handling situations.

Perhaps most remarkable about the design are the dynamic spoilers positioned aft of the cockpit which deploy during high speed handling to affect airflow and downforce independently or in unison to achieve better cornering and stabilisation. They are also useful for communicating different moods togehter with the built-in screen in the front grill to the owner of the car or passing pedestrians.

The power for the car is thought to be high performance electric and the 0-60 time is superfast. The handling is supernice and the ride is supersmooth thanks to the micro-adjustments made by the dynamic airflow systems.


Gray Design releases the Kraken Superyacht Concept.

Vargön, Sweden – The Kraken is a lighthearted design study exploring the limits of yacht design. It takes it's inspiration from the Vapour GT concept to create a matching set of extreme vehicles for land and sea.

It is laid out as a catamaran and has four decks including accomodation in each hull. The wildly raked windscreen is in fact a skylight for a large lounge on the owners deck and the pilot house is raised to give good panoramic visibility around the entire vessel.

The metallic paintwork is accentuated by intense red highlights, chrome brightwork and dark stained teak decking. There is a large beach club and reception area at the aft of the yacht and a large space for a helipad at the bow.

The Kraken is truly a monster of the seas, intimidating regardless of whether you are a pirate or not.


GRAY to bring to market a holistic compliment of super yachts with matching super performance hyper cars

Sweden – Gray Design (GRAY) announced today with Ronn Motor Group (RMG) that they will bring a unique offering of integrated super performance hyper cars with a performance super yacht to the luxury market.

“We are excited about forming this alliance with Ronn Motor Group (RMG) to complete the experience for our customers with being able to segue from the super yacht on sea to hyper car on land,” said Eduard Gray, CEO of Gray Design/Zeus Twelve.

The GRAY super yacht is the Fairwei that is designed to cater to the obsessive desires and provides an environment of leisure and harmony to rejuvenate it’s passengers. The Fairwei draws parallels to the game of golf where players pursue greater levels of perfection, refinement and experience. It therefore has appointments of pleasant green areas to create an enhanced environment of relaxation, a tee off point to practice drives above the flydeck, while the deck at the side and aft have chipping and putting greens to work on the short game. The interior has been kept minimalistic and uses simplistic colour schemes together with crystal embellishments to add a touch of the ethereal.  An indoor swimming pool and spa division create the perfect calm for unwinding and feeling refreshed. 

“The Fairwei is perfect partner for our soon to be announced exclusive 2017 RMG “ Bird of Prey,” “The Hyper Hybrid’s” final design will be developed with Gray Design and is perfectly aligned with the Fairwei to provide a continuum of high performance experience for the customer from sea to land and back to sea” says Ronn Maxwell, CEO of RMC.

The RMG’s tentative development name “Bird of Prey is an all-wheel drive hyper-hybrid producing a massive 1,200 plus horsepower with Formula One electric drive technology and performance and one of kind ultra-exclusivity. The automobile, reflecting the beauty of Ronn’s first offering the “Scorpion” will be a limited edition, exclusive offering, providing the latest technologies and designs to operate in the same rarified space as Pagani, and Koenigsegg as an integrated compliment to the Fairwei with first delivery scheduled for 2017. Announcements coming soon!!

The companies report that there will be limited release of the Fairwei and Bird of Prey set with an estimated cap of seven to maintain the exclusive nature of this offering.

Thorium Prototype hits the Road

In February we took delivery of our prototype from expert chopper builders, Calle Carlsson, of Calle's Chopperdelar in Moheda, Sweden. The quality of the build is fantastic and we are looking forward to attaching the new carbon fiber panels and taking it on a world tour shortly. Our friends from local newspaper TTELA were there to share the moment with us.

Winner of the International Yacht and Aviation Award

Eduard Gray took home the prize for 'Best Concept up to 40 Meters' at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards in London. The awards ceremony was held at the Hulingham Club in the center of London and was attended by yacht design companies from around the world.