Range (City) 171 miles (276 km)
Top speed (max) 102 mph (164 km/h)
0-60 mph (seconds) 3.9
Max capacity 14.2 kWh
CHAdeMO charge time 1 hour

The Gray Design Electric Chopper bike is the natural progression for motorbike design. The low, sleek stance with traditional proportions gives the bike an air of technical supremacy while retaining the soul of authentic cruising.Built around a steel, twin spar beam frame, the carbon fibre fairing and blasted aluminum trim give an appearance of robust lightweight styling. The long wheelbase and adjustable Öhlins suspension give a comfortable ride that can be tailored to your precise preference.

Power comes from dual AC induction motors producing 96hp driven by a high power 7.7Kwh battery pack, providing great acceleration, high speeds and an impressive range. The large format of the chopper bike allows for plenty of space for large batteries making this bike ideal for long quiet cruises in remote destinations. Being electric, it makes a great companion for luxury yachting, being a relatively compact form of transport for exploring exotic areas whilst being sensitive to a perhaps fragile environment, and having only two wheels is therefore capable of reaching further that it’s four wheeled counterpart. Jun 2011

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