New Superyacht Series

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest Super Yacht designs which make up the SC Series. The new era for Super Sport Yachts has begun, which will be constructed and marketed by Ned Ship Group and designed by Gray Design.

The SC models have a unique feature never realized on a yacht series before: they come with their own car garage including an easy launch system.The yacht Series includes the 3 brand new yachts SC 133 (40m), SC 166 (50m) and SC 199 (60m). Each yacht is equipped with outstanding features that will push the boundaries of yacht development to new levels of exclusivity and speed for the Motor Yacht sector. Some key features depend on the models:

• Use of lightweight and strong materials such as carbon to achieve outstanding performance as well as far better fuel economy

• Reliable engine packages from MTU with KaMeWa Jets to achieve a high speed performance of up to 48kn.

• Extra garage space with a special launch system for your choice of supercar, such as the Porsche 918 hybrid or your Ferrari Enzo or whatever car you wish to have on board.

• Several entertainment areas, depending on the model.

• The 199 comes equipped with a retractable pool on the aft deck along with many other outstanding features.

• A range extender package to give a super yacht range of more than 2.000 nm.

• And many other features….

New Superyacht Series

The SC yachts are designed for high sporting and luxury use, amazing entertainment, high value lifestyle and last but not least a unique appearance wherever the yachts will be seen. The SC models have a unique feature never realized on a yacht series before:they come with their own car garage including an easy launch system. The cars can also be customized to match the styling of the yacht that carries them to make them instantly recognizable as the rolling tender of the SC Superyacht.

The yachts will have an average construction time between 24-30 months according to the size.

Record Breaking

This yacht series is already breaking records now. On YouTube, the first design of the SC122 has received more than 3.5 Million hits so far, which no other yacht has ever received on the internet.

During the engineering it was very important, that the yacht also matched the high expectations owners will have of a yacht with such outstanding and superb interiors, more than enough crew space, practical and reliable handling, high performance and the ultimate head turner in every marina in the world. Her low stance, enormous length and curled haunches give this vessel a dynamic aesthetic that is guaranteed to turn heads in the most well appointed marinas.

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