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Gray Design is an award winning international design studio with a focus on innovative and highly characteristic industrial design. We love good ideas and packaging them into striking designs that balance proportion, function and fluidity. Have you got a good idea? Sell it with great design. Redefine traditions with Gray Design.


Award winning product design

We would love to share our sense of design and style with you. If you have an idea or project that is in the development stage or is in need of an upgrade, please feel free to contact us to discuss a collaboration. We have several fixed price Design Packages available to choose from for quickly developing and marketing your next project and can support you with marketing visuals, scale models and engineering drawings for your suppliers.

Our Partners

  • Case Study<br><b>DARTZ MOJO</b>

    Case Study

    When DARTZ wanted to upgrade their next generation of the Mojo prototype, they came to Gray Design to create the styling that would give it the road presence that this kind of architecture demands.

    What we created was low to the ground, had an eager stance, trademark sweeping lines and was compact enough to sit on their selected chassis. The result was a design that was welcomed amongst the coastal regions and sunny areas of the world that could make the most of the open topped freedom of the design.

  • Case Study<br><b>Empress Crest</b>

    Case Study
    Empress Crest

    Empress Crest is positioning itself as a major marine centered lifestyle brand and came to Gray Design to develop a range of yachts that would reflect the class and uniqueness that the brand stands for.

    We delivered four yachts, ranging from 35 feet up to 115 feet that maintained a family resemblance yet whose layouts catered to four completely different user profiles.

  • Case Study<br><b>MBR Gattacan</b>

    Case Study
    MBR Gattacan

    Magnus Bengtsson Racing had just won the RC Nordic Championships in Sweden and wanted to develop a new shell for their indoor racing Mini-Z series chassis.

    Gray Design incorporated their technical input regarding aerodynamics, bumper shape, spoiler specifications and chassis layout into a design that takes it's inspiration from a GT3 racer.

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